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D'Adore - (Ghostwriter of Ghostwriters) is a South New Jersey-born Rapper, Music/Video Producer, and head queen of Queen Empire Records.
D'Adore released and distributed her 12" record"Flow Like A River" backed with"Unda'Ground Radio" on Queen Empire Records in 1995- that is still a rare global DJ vinyl collectible today. Often called'Queen Maestro' by her peers because of her ability to tools brainstorm layouts and concepts, to bring life to projects equally audibly and visually. D'Adore has been praised worldwide from the hip community for music, not only her lyrics and production, but her advert fashion sense - topping off her fully whimsical brands.

D'Adore was mentored by some of the masters in hip-hop - Professor X (R.I.P.) head of X Clan, Diamond producer and bassist Stewart"Shorty B" Jordan, but largely and most recently- Silkski (R.I.P.) Platinum producer, rapper and member of Wu-Tang's Brooklyn Zu and Killa Beez. D'Adore is also a former Brooklyn Zu affiliate, being 1/3 of the never released Zu Rocks began by Silkski in 2001, under Ol' Dirty Bastard's (R.I.P.) blessings and approval.

D'Adore's'The H.O.L.D (House of Lyrical Daggers) Album' Vol. At, quickly followed by Vol. 2. Digging up from the archives of her unreleased and remastered singles in 1992-2007's period, D'Adore re-spreads her wings. Featuring artists Manny C, Male', Silkski aka Big Rock, African Protestant, Vizzy Rap Music Harlem, Tight B and more. This album is definitely set to please not her die hard 90's fans- but packs of gaining her many new fans by catering to the head right the smack possibility. Her first four singles from'The H.O.L.D' record are outside in online shops now and here in"It's Corrupted" featuring Kid Krash, the electronic 12" remasters of"Flow Like A River","Unda'Ground Radio", and"Unda'Ground Radio - Phatul". D'Adore fourth drop surely does not disappoint as she releases the Bonus Track"Tomb Raider - Battle Mode" featuring Manny C and 1.3.5, the final kickoff to'The H.O.L.D Album'.

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